Revealing the Apple Vision Pro pre order status and review 2024

Apple Vision Pro pre order status and review 2024 – At last, the wait is over. Apple is going to start taking pre-orders for their mixed reality headset, called the Apple Vision Pro, today, January 19.

With a starting price of an astounding $3,499, the gadget is expected to completely transform how we engage with media and technology.

All the information you require on the headset and the pre-order procedure prior to its release is provided here.

Soon, preorders will be available.

You will need to place a preorder starting at 8 AM Eastern time today if you want to be among the first people to receive an Apple Vision Pro headset when it ships next month.

For those hoping for a launch day delivery when the Vision Pro starts showing up at doorsteps, purchasing early will be crucial as the initial supply of the headset is anticipated to be limited.

It’s interesting to note that when ordering the Vision Pro online, Apple advises you must have an iOS device on hand.

Installing the most recent version of the Apple Store app is advised by the firm.

During the checkout process, Apple will utilize FaceID on your iPhone or iPad to scan your face and determine the appropriate size Light Seal and adjustable headbands for your Vision Pro.

What is contained in the box?

It’s fortunate that the Apple Vision Pro comes with more than just a headset considering its almost $3,500 price tag. The headset itself has 256GB of storage, and the packaging includes many band alternatives that you can swap out to customize the fit.

Apple includes a cover, cleaning cloth, battery pack, wall adapter, USB-C cable, Solo Knit Band, Dual Loop Band, Light Seal, and Light Seal Cushions.

You may also buy optional prescription lenses for $99 (reading lenses) or $149 (custom prescription) per pair, which fit into the headset magnetically. For the latter, a valid prescription is required.

What functions does the headset have?

According to Apple Vision Pro is a portable multitasking productivity and entertainment gadget that can reflect the display of your Mac. Additionally, you will have access to FaceTime, Photos, and Apple TV for streaming and watching movies on your iPhone or iPad. A big emphasis will likely be on gaming, with captivating 3D games created just for Vision Pro.

Vision Pro will come pre-installed with a number of well-known Apple applications, such as TV, FaceTime, Messages, Mail, Photos, and Safari. There will also be an AR-specific App Store with Disney+ confirmed as a launch app.

Apple Arcade games will be playable in two dimensions on the virtual screens of the headset. Regarding entertainment, you will have the option of viewing films and television series on a floating virtual screen or in a customized theater setting.

This covers the ability to use other streaming providers, purchased iTunes content, and Apple TV+.

It’s exciting to know that 3D movies will also be natively supported by Disney+ and Apple TV, offering immersive cinematic experiences. Just remember to keep Vision Pro charged—its battery lasts for about two hours on average.

Apple Vision Pro Specifications

Approximately two hours of battery life
Materials: Aluminum alloy frame; laminated glass for the screen
Additional characteristics integrated speakers that do not require separate headphones
Weight: lb
Cost: $3,499
The 2.0 Workplace
The Vision Pro’s primary selling point, according to Apple, is its ability to completely transform the way you work. This is really a wearable computer, as the firm likes to point out.

The device’s user-friendly controls, which allow you to use your hands and eyes as cursors, are its most amazing new feature.

Simply aim your camera straight at an app to click on it; the app’s button will illuminate to indicate that it has been selected.

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