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Best electric scooter in india 2022

Best electric scooter in india 2022 : Looking for an entertaining and environmentally friendly way to go around town? You’re in luck if so! We’ll talk about the top 5 electric scooters in India in 2023 in this blog post.

We’ll talk about the various varieties of electric scooters on the market in addition to including pictures and costs for each one. Everyone can find the ideal electric scooter, which ranges from basic folding electric scooters to sophisticated e-bikes. So, regardless of whether you’re unfamiliar with electric scooters or simply want to check which ones are top-rated and most often used in India.

which electric scooter is best in india

Ola S1

The ambitious project from Ola, the Ola S1, has been incredibly well-liked in India. People pre-registered for the automobile in large numbers even before it was officially introduced. The e-scooter provides both distance and speed in a singular package with a riding range of 121 kilometres and a top speed of 90 kilometres per hour. Check out the details below.

OLA S1 is an electric scooter offered at a starting price of Rs. 99,999 in India. Only 1 version and 5 colours are offered. OLA S1 generates 5500 W power from its motor. The OLA S1 has a dual-wheel braking system with both front and rear disc brakes.

The S1 electric scooter from Ola Electric has been introduced to the Indian market. There are two versions of the Ola electric scooter: the Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro.

TVS iQUBE Electric-Best electric scooter in india 2022

One of the most well-known two-wheeler brands in India is TVS. The company’s electric scooter, the TVS iQube Electric, has a top speed of 78 km/h and a range of 75 km. Additionally, it has a spacious dashboard, parking assistance, and enough storage space.

Features of the TVS iQube

The TVS iQube electric scooter has a TFT instrument cluster, an all-LED lighting system, and smartphone connectivity. This gives access to functions including overspeed warning, range, charge status, geo-fencing, and navigation assistance. The S comes with a 7-inch monitor and a 5-way joystick on the left switchgear, while the normal version has a 5-inch display.

The joystick and a 7-inch touchscreen are included in the top-tier ST model. The manufacturer also provides a USB charging connector and a boot light as standard, which improves usage. Additionally, the S and ST models have a larger 32-litre under-seat storage area.

Ather 450X

The Anther 450X, a high-end e-scooter featuring a 7-inch dashboard with a navigation system, music player, and call reject features, comes in third on our list of the Top 10 electric scooters in India. Along with other features, it sports a mono-shock shock absorber, two-disc brakes, and more.
Over 40,000 Ather electric scooters are currently in use. Each and every one of them is a connected car that is accumulating a tonne of information about how it is being driven and used. The 450X Gen 3 was created using feedback from existing clients and the over 218 million km of riding data that Ather claims it has collected.

However, there are a few substantial improvements concealed beneath the surface, one of which being the larger battery that Ather users have been requesting. The new Ather 450X has a battery that is up to 3.7kWh instead of the previous model’s 2.9kWh. As a result, the Ather 450X can now claim a real-world range of 105 kilometres, up from the prior claim of 85 kilometres (in Eco mode). We’ll need to do a thorough review to verify that figure, but prior use of the 450X has shown that Ather’s promises are plausible and that the scooter’s range display is very accurate.

Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric’s high-speed portfolio includes the Photon HX, which has a top speed greater than 42 kph (Hero Electric claims 45 kph) and is therefore eligible for FAME-II funding. The Photon is comparable to the high end of the 110cc scooter marketplace and the entrance of the 125cc scooter category at Rs 80,790 (ex-showroom, Delhi -Best electric scooter in india 2022) after subsidies.

This is a concern right away because the Photon HX falls short of those gasoline scooters’ levels of performance. Its hub motor has very modest output figures, putting out 1.2kW and reaching a maximum of 1.8kW. The end result is an actual VBox speed of 47kph and an indicated max speed of 53kph on flat ground.

The fact that even minimal brake application results in the motor cutting out makes the issue worse. Overall, it’s challenging to control the scooter’s behaviour predictably, and the motor’s output and your throttle inputs appear to have a nonlinear relationship.

The Photon’s braking system consists of drum brakes at both ends, which Hero Electric claims to have compensated for by often applying motor regen when any brake levers are depressed. The problem is that, frequently, this regen function doesn’t start working until approximately a second after the brake lever has been depressed.

Simple One-Best electric scooter in india 2022

The Simple One electric scooter was first shown to us by Simple Energy on August 15, 2021. When the scooter was first unveiled, Simple Energy representatives bragged that it would offer the best-in-class range and acceleration. The Simple One, though, appeared to be a winner on paper.

Its performance in the real world remained to be seen. While we awaited news regarding the EV, Simple Energy utilised their time to develop and enhance their product. We eventually go ride it so we can experience the Simple One scooter ourselves.

Charger & Battery

Because of its unusual battery design, the Simple One scooter may draw in more buyers who are wary of EVs and their range. There are not just one, but two batteries included with the Simple One. There is a 3.3 kWh battery that has been fixed in the wooden floor of the scooter and there is another 1.5 kWh battery that is replaceable and placed in the under-seat storage. While both batteries are fully charged, the scooter can go 203 km, bringing its total capacity to 4.8 kWh.


Another strength of the Simple One scooter is its performance. It has four riding modes: Sonic, Dash, Ride, and Eco. The Eco mode has a top maximum speed kmph and will offer you the maximum range. Throttle response in this level is decent for a city commute and manoeuvring through stop-go traffic. Power and range are beautifully balanced in the Ride mode.

This is the setting I would be in if I were using the scooter in the city. With a twist of the throttle, you may increase the power, and the range is adequate for 180–190 kilometres. In the Ride mode, you may travel up to 65 kmph, which is a respectable speed even on motorways.


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