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Zomato IPO – zomato share price today 2022

What is Zomato IPO

Zomato IPO – zomato share price today 2022-One of the top websites for food delivery services is Zomato. It is described as an online market aggregator that links users to a chain of nearby restaurants that it has associated with. Both the food delivery and dining-out categories have had success using its B2C methodology.

Zomato makes money from two sources: Zomato Pro, a customer reward programme, and Hyperpure, a company that supplies high-quality ingredients and kitchenware to restaurants. The business’s reliable 169802+ delivery partners and effective on-time delivery network benefit its brand image.


Minimum Investment – Rs 14040/195 Shares per lot

As of December 31, 2020, Zomato Limited, a 2010 incorporation, was among the top online food service platforms in terms of the value of food sold. Its business-to-consumer (B2C) offerings include dining-out and food delivery services where customers can find restaurants, order food delivery, reserve a table, and pay for dining out at restaurants. Its B2B offerings include Hyperpure (the supply of high-quality ingredients and kitchenware to restaurants) and Zomato Pro, a customer loyalty programme.

By the end of 2020, Zomato will have a significant presence in 23 countries, with 131,233 active food delivery restaurants, 161,637 active delivery partners, and an average of 10.7 million customers placing food orders each month.


Zomato Share Price – Rs 62.30

As of March 31, 2021, RedSeer lists Zomato Ltd. as one of the top food services platforms in India in terms of the amount of food sold. 32.1 million average MAU used its platform in India during Fiscal 2021. On March 31, 2021, Zomato has 389,932 active restaurant listings and was accessible in 525 Indian cities. According to App Annie’s estimates, its mobile application has received the most downloads for food and beverages in India over the course of the last three fiscal years, from fiscal 2019 to fiscal 2021, on the iOS App Store and Google Play combined.

Customers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners are all connected through Zomato’s technological platform, which meets their various needs. Customers can order food delivery, reserve a table, read and post reviews from other customers, browse and submit photos, and pay for their meals at restaurants using this platform.

On the other side, the business offers its restaurant partners sector-specific marketing tools that let them draw in clients to expand their clientele while simultaneously offering a dependable and effective last-mile delivery service. Hyperpure, a one-stop procurement service run by Zomato, provides premium products to its restaurant partners. As a result, the organisation offers flexible and transparent income opportunities to its delivery partners.

Why should you invest in Zomato IPO? zomato share price today 2022

Consumer tastes have undergone an extraordinary shift as a result of the pandemic-related limitations, with many developing a habit of ordering food online. The meal delivery behemoth can be a smart move in terms of commendable trends as work from home regulations become more prevalent.

Thus, one of the first unicorn stocks in India is anticipated to provide investors a large opportunity for growth. So why wouldn’t you?

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