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Best CPA marketing free traffic methods 2022

1. Youtube

Best CPA marketing free traffic methods 2022-Youtube traffic will work for any CPA marketing category, but you must ensure that the product/offer is of excellent quality and will benefit the visitors you send.

If the offers you’re promoting are high-converting and lead to a website where the visitor doesn’t have to do much work, YouTube is a smart place to start.

Because the competition is low and there is interest in the issue itself, here is an example of a video I would make. Because the results aren’t exactly on spot, you’ll be able to obtain views.

2. Reddit

Here are some easy measures to follow if you want to obtain traffic from Reddit. You must be cautious when using affiliate links.

Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to do.

Make a list of subreddits that might be interested in your CPA deal. If it’s a zip code submission, for example, you might go into subreddits concerning renting and moving individuals.

Then, join the subreddit and see what content receives the most attention, then repost or create stuff that is comparable to it.

Create a landing page after you’ve established trust in the community. Collecting emails is not something I advocate. Don’t overcomplicate things; it’s just a straightforward task that requires minimal friction.

To make it look natural and less spammy, include a link to your landing page along with a list of other useful resources. This is the key to truly assisting others while earning CPA affiliate commissions.

Scale with other subreddits after that. I would recommend trying Bing advertisements after you have some sales coming in. For beginners, they are inexpensive, simple, and affordable.

3. Facebook

Like Reddit or forum-like sites, you’ll need to be a little more cautious with Facebook. As an affiliate, I’m going to provide you a simple plan broken down into simple steps to assist you to generate some targeted and easy traffic.

Make a Facebook fan page dedicated to a specific subject. This might be about gift cards or giveaways in general, not just these.
Then, to make the page look professional, identify relevant Facebook groups in a particular county.
It’s important to note that we’re not just joining Facebook groups in our field. These are stuffed with spam and affiliate links. You’ll need to identify county groups that are active and don’t have any spammers posting in order to use this strategy.

 4. Blog Traffic

Blogging is a simple and popular technique to gain free traffic. This is the same for CPA offerings.

You can easily build a blog for free using Blogger or Google Sites without having to pay for hosting or domains. Blogger is an underappreciated technique of hosting that few people utilize.

Blogger ranks far higher than Google sites, therefore if you want free Google traffic, this is the strategy to use. Let me explain if you don’t know or don’t comprehend what I’m talking about.

“If I wanted to promote a Walmart, Amazon, or Starbucks gift card and the visitor had to give their email, I’d publish articles about the “Best places to receive free gift cards and coupons.”

“If I wanted to promote a Walmart, Amazon, or Starbucks gift card and the visitor had to give their email, I’d publish articles about the “Best places to receive free gift cards and coupons.”

I’m just guessing. That is, without a doubt, an extremely competitive market. However, you’d use the tools and approaches I described in the videos below to locate low-competition keywords.”

Once it is ranked, you will receive free traffic from Google, and people will click on your links to visit the websites you have recommended. It works, believe me.

If you need any extra assistance with Blogger, I’ve attached a video as well as additional tutorials on how to easily rank for keywords on your Blogger or Google Sites.

5. Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest is by far the best source of free traffic for CPA marketing. If you dominate low competition keywords similar to Google, you can gain a lot of free traffic from Pinterest. How to rank Pinterest pins on Google is demonstrated in the video below.
I was able to dominate a low-competition term with Pinterest and receive 200-300 free visitors each month to my website. Consider how dominant you’d be if you had 10-30 of those keywords. It would not be difficult to generate sales.

And if the product converts well and has little friction, you’ll be off to a good start and make sales without a doubt. If you have the time each day, you may routinely create 4-8 pins, and traffic will increase.

Joining a group board might help you scale up and grow much faster. Because they bring together people who are interested in your topic and links, group boards help you gain more visibility. You may find these niche-specific Pinterest group boards via Pingroupie.

If you want a more in-depth look at how to gain traffic from Pinterest, check out my Pinterest guide for affiliate marketing. The concepts are the same, so read it and take action.

6. Quora Marketing

Quora Marketing is also one of the most cost-effective traffic sources for CPA offers.

It entails just answering questions relating to your niche on Quora to promote your website or CPA offers.

You can actually acquire a lot of targeted traffic to your website from Quora if you use it.

You don’t have to share your affiliate links directly while answering the questions in this situation, either.

All you have to do now is advertise your blog posts or landing pages in which you have mentioned the CPA offer’s links.

Keep these things in mind when undertaking Quora marketing:

Best CPA marketing free traffic method 2022

Directly sharing affiliate links is not a good idea.
Don’t send out too many links too soon.
Also, answer some questions without using any links.
Do not send unsolicited emails.
Make your response more appealing by including graphics and short paragraphs.

7. Social Media

The simplest technique to get free traffic for any CPA offer is through social media promotion.

All you have to do in this form of promotion is advertise the website or landing page (where the CPA affiliate links reside) on different social media networks.

As you are all aware, each social media platform has a large audience for each niche; therefore, you must take advantage of these free audiences.

You should not engage in any form of spamming by posting too many links (to your website and landing page) at once.


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