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Money Heist Cast – Actors salery,Director,characters

Cash Heist is a well-known show that can be gushed on Netflix. The series came to features as of late as the show was being adored by fans everywhere.

The plot of the show follows a strange gathering of looters who endeavor to complete the absolute best theft in Spanish history where they attempt to take 2.4 billion euros from the Royal Mint of Spain. Allow us to investigate the cast’s joined total assets. Money Heist Cast.

Ursula Corbero’s total assets

Ursula Corbero is one of the lead entertainers in the show and has depicted the personality of Tokyo. As indicated by a few reports from media entrances, the total assets are around $3 million, which is north of 22 crores in Indian rupees.

She brings in cash from getting highlighted in films, brand supports, and going to occasions.


Alvaro Morte’s total assets

Alvaro Morte is the lead cast of the show Money Heist and has played the personality of El Professor. He made his leap forward with his Bella Ciao form and has an immense fan following.

The entertainer is extremely famous in media outlets and brings in cash by getting highlighted in movies, series, and support of brands.

As indicated by reports from different media entrances, the total assets of Alvaro Morte are assessed to be near $ 2million, which is around 15 crore INR.

Itziar Ituno’s total assets -Money Heist Cast

Itziar Ituno has depicted the personality of Raquel Murillo on the show. She was intensely adulated for her presentation in the show and has a tremendous fan following.

As indicated by media entrances, her total assets are near $ 1 million, which is around Rs. 7.65 crores. The kind of revenue for the entertainer, as detailed by media entryways, is by getting included on-screen and by different brand supports.

Miguel Herrán’s total assets

The entertainer depicted the personality of Rio on the show. He partakes in a faithful fanbase.

As per media reports, his total assets are $ 1 million starting in 2020 which is around 15 crore rupees.

Miguel brings in cash from her acting profession and by going to occasions, just as a brand supports.

Jaime Lorente López’s total assets

The entertainer depicts the personality of Denver on the show. As per media reports, the entertainer’s total assets are $2.5 Million which is around 10 crores in Indian rupees.

The entertainer has brought in cash through his acting profession and different brand supports.

Esther Acebo’s total assets

Esther Acebo plays the personality of Mónica Gaztambide on the show. She has a colossal fan following and has been included in different movies and series.

As per different media entries, the entertainer’s total assets are above $500 thousand which is around 3 crores Indian rupees.


Money Heist Total Budget of all Season

Season 1 – 3.3 million

Season 2 – 7.8 million

Season 3 – 9.4 million

Season 4 – 10.3 million

Season 5 – 15.7 million

The total series budget is 40 Million USD.




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