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ezoic requirements to monetize wordpress blog-EZOIC Rerview 2022

ezoic requirements to monetize wordpress blog-EZOIC Rerview 2022 – EZOIC 

how to monetize wordpress blog 2022-EZOIC is the Google-certified ad network that provides High-Quality advertisements to the website partners. Also, they provide ads with high CPC rates all over the world.
EZOIC Also provide High revenue than Adsense earnings and that is one of trusted adnetwork around the world 2022.
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How to monetize WordPress blog 2022 : Monetization Eligibilities of EZOIC 

 1. Sites Must Have 10000 views per month

2. No invalid clicks/impressions

3. Not fake encouraging clicks, copyrighted content

4. The site should have unique traffic

5. Sites shouldn’t redirect users to /pop-ups or pop-under

6. Gambling content

7. Not using automatically generated content

8. Don’t create empty pages with no unique content

9. Not using content that is copied from other webpages

10. Not using adult / dangerous

11. Not offering alcohol/tobacco

12. Not using threatening content

13. Not using illegal content

EZOIC Humix video player to Earn More

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Humix Video Player used to Run video ads on your website to increase revenue 2022

 CPM, CPC, and CPA: EZOIC Also paid the publishers through CPC, CPM, CPA and it will provide your best revenue rates.

EZOIC provide more than  AdSense paid to the publisher

EZOIC Ad formats

1. Banner ads
2. Interestrial ads
3. Inline ads
4. Native ads

EZOIC also follows the google publisher policies to measure the quality of the website and publisher.
they become one of the best advertising companies in the world. 

Ezoic Review: twofold your AdSense profit via automatic promotion enhancement :How to monetize blog

Individuals used to look; what is Ezoic? Does Ezoic work? Ezoic versus AdSense? How Ezoic AdSense and Google advertisement trade work at same time? The amount Ezoic profit? Ezoic genuine survey? Ezoic cost? Ezoic valuing? What’s more substantially more…

Just upgrading blog isn’t adequate now to augment Adsense income yet powerful improving promotion openings, advertisement designs and positions are likewise significantly significant.

Furthermore, there are loads of bloggers and website engineers who neglected to do it adequately.

Furthermore, henceforth this Ezoic survey page will disclose to you all that you have to be aware of promotion advancement including how to set up Ezoic on a site and bring in cash? How to make Google Adsense cash utilizing Ezoic?

To amplify AdSense profit with Ezoic, you simply need to streamline your advertisement openings doled out all around the site pages.

Moreover, the Ezoic is the best stage which has the objective that permits you to bring in additional cash without influencing site execution and further developing client commitment.

Routinely we as a whole generally appears to zero in just on composing the webpage substance, then, at that point.

it’s showcasing and to utilize other site enhancement instruments however the majority of us are get neglected to upgrade especially in adapting the substance on advertisement improvements like promotion area, sizes, colors, and different arrangements utilized on a solitary page successfully.

Ezoic do all the advertisement streamlining itself and tests it naturally in a magnificent manner to expand your procuring potential as well as help to further develop the CTR [Click Through Rate] of your site.




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